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My Experiments.

Web Developer

Extensive knowledge of web standards, HTML5, CSS3, and ES6-ES8 (the new form of javascript)


Modern front end development attuned to the fundamentals of User Experience. Specializes in javascript frameworks (Vuejs, Angular)


NodeJS, PHP, APIs, Sysadmin, Devops, NoSQL, Provide modular and reusable code that support both form and function

Content Management Systems

Develop and support different ready made CMS (like Joomal, Wordpress, Drupal) or develop customized ones


Design and draw illustration, CMS themes and interactive graphics


Help picking up strategic roadmaps, solve client's problem with business success in mind

Mobile Apps

Build superior mobile apps with highest quality, optimised for different platforms


Build full-stack Laravel applications using elegant code from start-to-finish

Seo & Digital Marketing

Expertise in paid and organic search marketing in addition to social media communications and marketing strategy

About Me.

I'm a full-stack developer based in
Amman / Jordan
; currently working full-time as a Senior Developer in humanitarian sector, I provide data management and help create interactive solutions that help business success.
Name:Bashar Ayyash
Phone:+962 7808 14146
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My Story

2001 - 2005
University Years
I attended Al-Zaytoonah University where in four years I received my Bachelors in CIS (Computer Information Systems). Through-out this time I self-taught myself programming and freelance developed on the side of my coursework.
Fall 2005
Making it a Career
After graduating I was hired for a web development role where I built, managed and maintained over websites & internal systems for UNDP and different humanitarian sectors and continued to develop my full-stack skills.
Early 2015
Laravel Discovered
I stumbled across Laravel looking for an elegant PHP framework - and fell in love. Laravel has been my go-to development framework since then for my full-time job, side-projects, and freelancing gigs.

Continue The Story

2015 - 2019
Laravel & Node.js (LN)
Multiple full-time jobs as a Senior Developer specializing in Node.js and Laravel; dozens of Laravel freelance jobs for startups, large-corporations, or building that Entrepreneur's MVP; thousands of hours spent on personal side-projects developing my craft.
Working With You
I am always looking for interesting projects to develop utilizing Laravel and front-end technologies. I look forward to establishing a relationship and working for and with you on your next project!
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  • Web Development
  • Server Management
  • Database
  • CMS
  • UI Design

Web Consultant & Laravel Developer

Professional and Reliable at All Times
  • Domain Names & Hosting Solutions
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Web Systems Architect
  • Mobile Apps Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Ecommerce Professional
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Management
  • Video Editing
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